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Sick of Feeling Stalled?

Coaching for real change

Every week I felt motivated and a sense of power after meeting with Brandea

Are you finding events in your life are on repeat- playing over and over again despite wanting and making efforts to change?

Personal coaching transforms thoughts and behaviors that block us from expressing our best selves. It alleviates anxiety, clarifies goals, and helps make realistic plans for achievement through gaining insight to your true motivations. Self help books and retreats are great, but the accountability and reflection from a coach about your patterns can't be paralleled.

Let's talk about what’s eating you as we can engage with issues of illness, addiction, career change, relationship issues, empathy fatigue in healthcare, or spiritual growth. As you understand your inner motives and barriers to change, you find your own answers. I assist you by prompting, careful observations, and insightful feedback. Reframing your life with that in mind then allows for change on the subconscious level so that change lasts, and you naturally detach from habitual behaviors that don't serve you. The ease and feeling of accomplishment you feel when your life falls in line with what you really want is transformative.


Share your story with me, and we can build a personalized plan for what you want to transform and the ways to do it. If you have a vague desire for general improvement or “getting unstuck”, we can begin with some assessment tools to see where we should dive in. Addressing the multiple layers of your experience and moving past old habits and thought patterns creates the space for change.

  • I provide a dedicated space for sharing your vision of growth or recovery.

  • Initial 1 hour Discovery session.

  • 30 minute biweekly sessions thereafter via phone or FaceTime/Zoom/Skype.

  • Texts and check-ins and updates during the week as needed.

  • Provision of reading material, emails, workbooks, or practices based on your issues and progress.

I Follow up on each prior visit’s items of action to help hold you accountable and continue forward momentum.


Medical coaching by a healthcare professional and coach helps you and your family understand and maneuver through your experience of illness and treatment, as well as the emotional complexities that arise, including end of life navigation. You don’t have to navigate these hard times alone. I help you be proactive and make timely and loving decisions with surety, not fear and frustration.

This includes:

  • In person or virtual attendance for attending physician consult. This enables me to later discuss in depth with you your medical case until you feel absolute confidence in your understanding and subsequent decisions. This brings relief, clarity, confidence, and quells anxiety.

  • I’ll open discussions regarding prognosis and have continuous evaluation of your treatment plan based on your goals and values. Many times, under stress and physical pain, these decision points are not made clear in a timely manner. I will continually clarify with you and personalize your course as needed to honor your wishes.

  • Attendance with Palliative care consults to ensure the utmost is being done to make you comfortable through your experience while being as medically aggressive as you choose within safe recommendation guidelines by your physician/s.

  • I can help discuss and ensure that potentially difficult documents like power of attorney, resuscitation status, and other considerations are in place and true to your wishes. 

  • I’ll work with medical staff as necessary to ensure comfort through the treatment process. I will review and discuss medication side effects, make medication suggestions, suggest beneficial dose adjustments, or regimen changes as appropriate.

  • I’ll conduct biweekly phone or Skype sessions to address recent events or symptoms, your feelings and concerns, and to ensure your intentions are being observed.

  • With highest regard to your right to confidentiality, at your request I can inform and discuss your status with your friends and family, as this can become exhausting and stressful in some instances.

  • If I can offer any other expertise in my power to help ease your journey, I am open to discussion at any time. I’m your advocate and here to help however I can.