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Brandea Scott-Vessel, PA-C & Medical Coach Practitioner

Personalized, Informed Care while moving through issues of

Illness, Addiction, Grief & Loss, Depression and Anxiety

Relationship Conflicts, Coming out, & Personal Transitions

Every week I felt motivated and a sense of power after meeting with Brandea

Where are you stuck? What can we change, and how can we make that change last in your life? Let's talk about what’s stopping you, and engage your issues. As you understand your inner motives and barriers to change, your answers come from within . I assist you in working them by prompting you with relevant questions, careful observations, an open ear, helpful techniques, and insightful feedback. Reframing your life with this help and the use of Psych-K then allows for change on the subconscious level. This way, change lasts, and you naturally detach from habitual behaviors that don't serve you, and physical issues can be better understood and remedied.

The ease and feeling of accomplishment you feel when your life falls in line with what you really want is transformative. You’ll feel more grounded, get well faster, enjoy life more fully, and be better capable of dealing with what comes up in your life, while moving steadily toward your goals with confidence.

The benefits of having a quality coach can't be paralleled. I offer you a free consultation and welcome any conversation or query. Rates can be hourly or by package as you prefer.

Please call (206) 579-6379,

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