After a B.S. in Psychology and UW Medical School’s Physician Assistant training, I enjoyed 15 years as a Physician Assistant (PA-C) in Oncology, Surgery, and Addiction Medicine.

Over time, however, I found myself wanting to focus more on the heart of one’s issues than the physical symptom and it’s fix.

After finishing a Life coaching program, I continued to seek out any beneficial adjunct resources I could find in order to build this service of coaching. I studied advanced meditation, shamanism, the Chakras, and Certified instructing Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K); a method to transform unwanted subconscious beliefs. I studied 3 years of Qigong, EFT (tapping), and many other techniques to aid a person’s progress. 

I wrote a book to assist people with spiritual recovery, worked with spiritual coach Jordan Bach, and trained for over three years with Intuitive Training Consultant Deb Mangelus. 

All of these teachers and techniques have helped uncover an ability to serve that I hope to offer you now.