Hi, I’m Brandea Scott-Vessel

I began my career counseling with a B.S. in Psychology. I then attended University of Washington’s PA program and then enjoyed 15 years as a Physician Assistant (PA-C) in Oncology, Surgery, and Addiction Medicine.

Over time, I found myself wanting to focus more on the reason for a person’s issues than the symptom and it’s fix. For instance, less about treating Obesity, Diabetes, and frequent infections with the tools at hand in western medicine, and more about why you want to eat your feelings in the first place? Where are you stuck? What can we change, and how can we make that change stick? I saw the greatest success in people overcoming their diseases when these underlying compulsions and emotions were examined and served. They felt grounded, happier, got well faster, had more confidence through feeling of accomplishment, and were more capable of dealing with what came up in their lives.

After finishing a Life coaching certificate, I continued to seek out any beneficial adjunct resources I could find in order to build this service of coaching that I’m offering. I have studied advanced meditation, Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K) which is an energy psychology method to change the subconscious, intuitive consulting, 3 years of Qigong, EFT (tapping), and any other techniques to aid person’s progress. I work with spiritual coach Jordan Bach, and trained for over two years with the intuitive training consultant Deb Mangelus. All of these teachers have helped uncover an ability to serve that I hope to offer you now.