“She provided such depth and wisdom in whatever subject we were talking about”

“Brandea provided a good balance of trust in me and sound guidance. She wanted to know where my heart was broken, for the sole purpose of helping me there. And she gives lots of understanding and acceptance in those vulnerable places, which is very healing and fortifying! Aside from that, she provided such depth and wisdom in whatever subject we were talking about. She made me think; about why I believe in something and she even made me question why I believe in something, and it helps me to get more clear on what I actually do feel about things and why. She provided a different perspective and valuable insights. I knew I could speak freely with her and that she would with me. She gave me an outlet for my many thoughts, and she was comfortable with any of my emotions”.


“I could feel that Brandea genuinely respected me, and I felt that she wanted to be there for me whenever I needed her. She provided a safe space for me to process my issues and was good at offering the validation and support that I needed to gain clarity through any difficult emotion. She only gave advice that was actually helpful to gain a healthier perspective, and it was not ego driven, and really helped transform my thinking”


“Brandea’s coaching was compassionate and validating and without judgement but also gave me a kick in the butt to work on hard issues. Every week I felt motivated and a sense of power after meeting with Brandea. I highly recommend her coaching”.

P. perkins

“Brandea does a brilliant job of promoting the best in people and sees hard times as occasions to lean in to bring about positive change.”

R. Solini

“Brandea is such a wonderfully intelligent and kind provider. I’m so lucky to have been trained by her and been able to work with her. I always knew when I worked with her previous patients that they have been cared for not only medically but emotionally. I know her patients know how valuable she truly is.”